Have You Been Arrested?


10 Things to Remember After Being Arrested

1. Remain silent. Do not say anything to the police. You have the right to not answer any questions. Immediately ask to speak to your lawyer.

2. Do not consent (agree) to anyone searching anything that belongs to you. Also, do not give anything over to the police voluntarily.

3. Immediately seek out the help of an attorney. Call our Attorneys for experienced legal advice about your legal needs.

4. Identify and seek out witnesses you are favorable to your case. Seek out their testimony while not incriminating yourself in the process.

5. Do not discuss your case with your family, friends, or your cell mate. The only person you may discuss your case with in confidence is your attorney.

6. Remember that no one in the criminal justice system -- from the police officer, the correction officers, or the judge at first appearance -- has your best interest in mind. Each has important jobs, but none have your interests as their sole responsibility. Only your attorney has your best interest in mind. Don't trust anyone's advice other than that of your attorney.

7. Chose an attorney whose practice is focused on criminal law and is a Borad Certified attorney. Many attorneys, often those who charge lower fees, don't have the experience or focus to serve those charged with crimes. Chose the best attorney for your case. Nothing is more important than your freedom. Chose your attorney wisely. Do not go to court without first talking to an attorney who specializes in criminal law.

8. Do not agree to enter a guilty plea. There rarely is a limit on an offer from the State Attorney's Office, and rarely is the threat to withdraw the plea offer to an unrepresented person true. Our attorneys may be able to get you the same deal, or maybe better!

9. Consult with Arnold Law Firm's attorneys before your next court date.