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Florida School Attorneys Specializing in the Representation of Charter Schools

The attorneys at the Arnold Law Firm are among only a handful of attorneys in the State of Florida that specialize in representing charter schools. Led by two attorneys, Shawn Arnold and Melissa Gross-Arnold, who are board certified in Education Law, the Arnold Law Firm has over 120 charter school clients across the state. We are preferred vendors of legal services to the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools (FCPCS) and provide a discounted rate to member schools. We also represent education management organizations, educational service providers, investors, private schools, post-secondary institutions and others interested in the advancement of the Florida education system.

We offer general counsel to operating charter schools on issues such as contract negotiations and litigation, due diligence, employment disputes, special education (including due process and 504 hearings), public records compliance, Sunshine Law compliance, and governance. For new charter schools, our services include developing charter applications, securing charter approvals, negotiating charter contracts, and appealing charter application denials.

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General Counsel

The Arnold Law Firm serves as general counsel to charter schools across the State of Florida. Dedicated to providing swift, thorough and responsive representation, our attorneys will get you the answers and solutions that you need. Having an experienced charter school attorney at the ready can bring peace of mind to any school leader.

Charter School Applications

The attorneys at the Arnold Law Firm are uniquely qualified to help you navigate the charter application process more confidently. We know the field, we know the law and its nuances, and we have the resources to counsel you and your team every step of the way as you seek the approval of a school board to open a new charter school.

Contract Negotiations

Straightforward, yet comprehensive contracts are vital to the smooth operation of any school. For charter schools, contract drafting and review generally begins immediately after the charter school application is approved by the school board. Our lawyers provide contract drafting and review services, including for charter contracts and contracts with management companies or third-party vendors.

Facility Leasing and Acquisition

We are well versed in real estate law, environmental law and education law. In these areas, we provide comprehensive solutions to schools throughout the State of Florida working to implement plans and navigate complex transactions to acquire or lease innovative and sustainable facilities for pre-K-12 education programs.

Special Education Issues

We help charter schools throughout Florida comply with state and federal statutes, regulations, and school district policies related to students with disabilities, including by representing schools in due process hearings and advising clients on the development and implementation of IEP and 504 Plans.

Employment Issues

Charter schools face the same challenges as any business when it comes to employment disputes. We help clients draft effective employment agreements, development smart employment policies, and defend against adverse employment actions brought by current or former employees.

Policy Development

In order to function properly, both public and private schools need structured rules of governance and accountability. The attorneys at the Arnold Law Firm have extensive experience helping schools developing comprehensive and effective policies that will ensure the success of their school.

Charter School Appeals and Denials

If your charter school application has been denied by a school board, you have 30 calendar days to appeal the denial. Time is of the essence in these situations, and it is critical to involve a charter school lawyer who is Board Certified in Florida Education Law and has extensive experience in the appeals process.

Public Records and Sunshine Law Compliance

The Florida Sunshine Law and Public Records Law are complex and potentially hazardous if not followed precisely. It is important to involve an experienced and informed lawyer from the beginning to ensure transparency of communications and meetings, and to respond properly to public records requests and develop policies that help ensure compliance with these laws.

Bond Financing

Financing facility acquisition and construction through tax-exempt bonds can save your school substantial sums of money in the long-term. Our attorneys serve as borrower’s counsel in these complex transactions, giving school leaders peace of mind as they focus on launching or expanding their school.


The Arnold Law Firm has an experienced team of litigators that handle the disputes of individual schools or large-scale litigation that is affecting the interests of charter schools across the state. Our attorneys have a documented record of success in getting schools the results they need.


Disputes sometimes arise between charter schools and their school district sponsors or the state over funding. We help our clients reach a favorable resolution to these disputes. Our attorneys have even represented charter schools in high-profile litigation that affected charter school funding across the state.