Wire Fraud

Jacksonville Wire Fraud Defense Lawyers

In the Internet and Mobile Device age, wire fraud has become a favorite charge of federal prosecutors. In early times, this crime focused on the use of telegraphs and telephone. It later applied to radio and television. Today, computers, smart phones, and other electronic devices that are used to commit crimes fall under the umbrella of wire fraud. This can come from the use of the computer, email, text messages or fax to complete any facet of a crime. Wire fraud often is also charged in cases involving bank fraud and mail fraud.

It is important that federal criminal defense attorneys in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, or Georgia federal phone or wire fraud cases be literate in computer crimes. Our experienced trial attorneys are computer savvy and have prosecuted and defended hundreds of cases involving the use of computer, smart phones, or email in everything from criminal court, family law court, injunction court, and bankruptcy cases. Make sure the attorney you pick is fluent in these types of cases. Don't just depend on them to "hire an expert." The attorney should know the ins and outs of today's latest technology.