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Legal Help With Unpaid Taxes From Jacksonville Attorneys

Except in very limited circumstances, unpaid taxes are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. This means that you will still be obligated to pay back taxes even if you file a successful bankruptcy petition that discharges or reorganizes other debts.

Nevertheless, there are ways to lighten the load of unpaid taxes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has recently stated that it will adopt a more lenient attitude toward repayment of back taxes, in recognition of the difficult financial circumstances many families are currently facing.

If You Owe Back Taxes, Face the Problem Head On

If you owe a high amount of back taxes, it is far better to face the problem rather than ignore it. The federal government has remarkable powers to collect unpaid debts. For example, the IRS can foreclose on any non-homestead real estate, garnish your wages, garnish business accounts and repossess personal property.

Rather than allow the IRS to invade your financial life, get legal help from a skilled attorney who can attempt to negotiate a reduction in your tax liability.

Arnold Law Firm Negotiates Offers in Compromise

The official term for a negotiated payment plan with the IRS is an "offer in compromise." Arnold Law Firm is a well-established Jacksonville law firm that handles debt relief matters for clients throughout North Florida, and southeastern Georgia. We have extensive experience negotiating offers in compromise or renegotiating tax liability with the IRS.

At Arnold Law Firm, your case will always be handled by a knowledgeable attorney — not a legal assistant or case manager. We also take great care with payment of attorney fees. We do not require our clients to pay fees up front without knowing what results we may be able to achieve. Instead, we place your funds into a trust account and only withdraw our fees as we perform work on your behalf.

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