Florida and Georgia Construction Law

Florida and Georgia Construction Law Attorneys

Residential and commercial construction in Florida is regulated by a set of complex laws passed by the Florida state legislature. These construction laws dictate how building contractors may enforce their legal rights if they haven't been paid, and how homeowners may enforce their legal rights in the event that building contractors or subcontractors perform substandard work or fail to meet the time or cost constraints of the contract.

Talk to a Lawyer Immediately: Whether you are a building contractor or the property owner, it is vitally important to seek legal advice as soon as possible if you anticipate any type of problem with the contract. Under Florida's and Georgia's construction laws, building contractors and property owners must follow strict legal deadlines in order to protect their rights. Contact a construction law attorney at Arnold Law Firm for a consultation.

Types of Conflicts in Residential or Commercial Construction Projects

When a building project goes bad, the fault may lie on either side of the project. At Arnold Law Firm, we have experience representing clients in construction-related disputes of all kinds, including:

We utilize all types of legal tools to protect our clients' rights in construction law disputes, including:

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