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Florida DUI Investigations

Jacksonville DUI Investigations Attorney

Just because an officer stops your car for a traffic violation, or is responding to a crash, that does not always mean they can continue to detain you for a DUI investigation. The law in Florida requires officers to have an articulable, well-founded suspicion of criminal activity. In other words, after the initial stop, the officer cannot detain you to investigate a DUI unless he has a well-founded suspicion that you are actually driving under the influence. Out attorneys at Arnold Law Firm in Jacksonville know the DUI laws, and we know how to break a case down to see if the officer's observations are enough to detain you for a DUI investigation.

Most commonly, officers are looking for a flush face, slurred or mumbled speech, red/bloodshot/watery eyes, or an odor of alcohol. Many times, after a careful review of a case, we find that the officer's observations do not match what other officers saw or observed, or that the officer was not in a position to actual observe the things he/she is claiming. Many inexperienced attorneys will skip this step of the analysis of your case, and the results could be devastating. Our attorneys know what to look for and how to make these arguments in court. If it can be demonstrated to the court that the officer did not have a well-founded suspicion of criminal activity, then the results and observations may be suppressed and deemed inadmissible at trial.

Accident Report Privilege: Did you know that statements you give to an officer while he/she is investigating an accident may not be used against you in a court of law? This is called the Accident Report Privilege. Many times an officer will respond to a crash and during his investigation of the accident, he will come to believe that a driver may have been intoxicated. If an officer is asking you questions and he/she is still investigating the accident, those statements enjoy the privilege and may not be used against you. If the officer suspects a DUI, however, he/she must explicitly make it known to you that they are now stopping the accident investigation and beginning a DUI investigation. Without that explicit warning, any statements obtained can be determined by the court to be inadmissible. Our attorneys are trained to spot these particular issues and have the experience necessary to properly argue them in court.

If you are facing DUI charges in Florida, call Arnold Law Firm and learn about how our DUI defense can help you. Our attorneys are experts in Florida DUI laws and have helped clients from Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and other Florida cities effectively and satisfactorily deal with their DUI charges. Contact us today!

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