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Florida DUI Field Sobriety Exercises

Jacksonville Field Sobriety Tests Attorney

Many DUI cases are lost due to the inexperience of an attorney and his or her inability to spot problems with the Field Sobriety Exercises (FSEs). FSEs are a series of tests/exercises developed by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) and adopted by Florida Law Enforcement. Developers of these tests claim they accurately show if a driver's normal faculties are impaired in some way. This point is obviously debatable. The tests are supposed to test normal faculties, such as how people would normally walk, talk, or respond to instructions. The actual tests themselves, however, put individuals through a battery of exercises that are completely foreign to the way people normally move and walk.

Many times, individuals have other factors that could affect their performance, and many times these things are construed by the officer as "clues of impairment." The most common factor we see is physical limitation. Many people have physical ailments or old injuries that make it extremely difficult to walk heel to toe or stand on one foot for extended periods of time. And many times the officers forget to inquire as to whether such injuries exist. These issues can be spotted by our attorneys and incorporated into your DUI defense.

It is also important to remember that these tests are completely subjective in nature. Although there are guidelines on how to administer them, interpreting the results is strictly up to the arresting officer. An officer's decision to arrest an individual after performing FSEs is based on his interpretation of the results. The attorneys at Arnold Law Firm know how to get this evidence before a jury so jury members can see the tests for what they are and reach their own conclusions without taking the officer's word for it.

Because these tests are often the crux of a State's case, Florida Law Enforcement has adopted strict guidelines to ensure that they are administered and reviewed properly. Our attorneys know how to check the officer's procedures in the field to see if the tests were accurately given and interpreted, and we have the trial experience to show the jury, through cross examination of the officer, that the tests are not all that the officer is claiming.

If you are facing DUI charges in Florida, call Arnold Law Firm and learn about how our DUI defense can help you. Our attorneys are experts in Florida DUI laws and have helped clients from Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and other Florida cities effectively and satisfactorily deal with their DUI charges. Contact us today!

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