Collections & Enforcement of Judgments

Jacksonville Debt Collections Attorneys

Businesses with debts to collect — and individuals who need help collecting on a court judgment — turn to Arnold Law Firm for efficient legal help with collecting any moneys owed in Florida and Georgia.

At Arnold Law Firm, with locations in Jacksonville and Brunswick, our extensive experience with debt collection procedures allows us to provide services for very reasonable fees. We perform some debt collection work on a flat-rate basis. In other cases, we negotiate a percentage of the moneys collected as our fee.

Our attorneys have significant experience with debt recovery as it relates to assets held in other states. We also provide assistance to clients who need help with debt collection from individuals or businesses in bankruptcy.

Methods of Debt Collection

The first step in any debt collection process is to determine the full extent of assets held by the debtor in question. We perform a thorough asset search, examining and valuating all non-exempt assets. In most cases, this requires us to undertake a formal interview of the debtor — called a deposition — to discover the location of assets.

In careful consultation with our client, we then immediately initiate debt collection procedures, including:

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