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Equitable Distribution

Jacksonville Equitable Distribution Lawyers

Under Florida statute 61.075, marital property is divided equitably in a divorce. This means that your assets and debts may not be divided 50-50. Instead, a court will look at a number of factors to determine how to distribute the property, including the length of the marriage, each spouse's contribution to the marriage and other factors.

At Arnold Law Firm, our attorneys can help you understand equitable distribution in Florida. Often, resolving property disputes amicably, through mediation or negotiation, can help you retain control over the division of your property. We can guide you through this process. However, if litigation becomes necessary, our Jacksonville equitable distribution attorneys will stand up for your property rights in court.

What Property Is Divided? What Is the Value?

There are two steps to determining the division of property in your divorce. First, we must determine what property is marital and what property is nonmarital. Generally, marital property includes all assets and debts acquired during your marriage. Next, we will need to value your marital property, particularly in cases involving complex, high-value assets.

We can help you determine the value of your marital property such as:

  • Business interests: Ownership interests in small businesses or closely held corporations have a value and that value is divided in divorce. We often work with business valuation experts to assess the value of these interests.
  • Debts: It is not just what you own, but also what you owe that is divided in divorce. This includes mortgages, credit card debts and personal loans.
  • Retirement accounts: There are special rules governing the division of retirement accounts in a divorce. Whether you have a 401(k) or a military pension, we can help you value your retirement assets.
  • Real property: We work with appraisers and other valuation experts to determine the value of houses and investment properties.
  • Personal property: From cars to artwork, we will diligently investigate the value of your personal property.

We understand that it can be difficult to know the assets and debts you have accumulated in your marriage. In many cases, one spouse handled the accounts, leaving the other in the dark about liabilities and property. We consult private investigators, forensic accountants and other experts to uncover hidden assets. We also have a variety of legal discovery tools at our disposal, including depositions, interrogatories and subpoenas. We will leverage every resource to ensure a fair and equitable division of property in your divorce.

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