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A person charged with domestic violence in the Jacksonville area should be represented by an aggressive, experienced defense attorney. The problems that domestic violence can cause are well documented. However, because of this, police officers are trained to "arrest someone" when called to the scene of a domestic violence call, whether common sense dictates it or not. Conversely, we have represented many women whom the police will refuse to legitimately protect. (Learn more about injunctions for protection).

Many of our clients who have been arrested for domestic violence have little or no prior record. However, as a result of hitting or striking their spouse or significant other they have been arrested. We have represented numerous persons who are in the military stationed and living in the Jacksonville area who absolutely cannot be convicted or even receive a withhold of adjudication for domestic battery because of the Lautenberg Amendment to the Gun Control Act that prohibits one to carry a firearm who has pled to any charge related to a domestic battery.

Like sexual battery, domestic violence cases have seen a dramatic rise in false reports. Publicity has led many to learn about domestic violence, and unfortunately, many "victims" have used this to their advantage in a relationship. Many of our clients were hit first or repeatedly by their spouse, significant other, parent, or sibling but when they defend themselves, the police are called and they are the only one arrested and charged with domestic battery.

Domestic violence arrests can also result from other relationships, such as parent-child, or siblings who live together.

Usually after an arrest, a defendant is prevented from contacting the victim because of a no contact order imposed as a condition of bond. However, this prohibition does not apply to counsel for a defendant. One of the many things our experienced attorneys can do for those charged with domestic violence is contact the alleged victim. More often than not, the alleged victim regrets calling the police and wants to help the client clear up the charges.

However, once the police are called and an arrest is made, a victim cannot simply get the charges dropped. On the First Coast, a victim is required to attend classes regarding dropping the charges. Additionally, prosecutors will often ignore the victim's wishes and file charges anyway.

Don't face your domestic battery charge without representation

A person facing a domestic battery usually will go through the process without the help an attorney. Most will plea out at first appearance or arraignment without any representation, including that of the public defender. This is a decision a person may regret for the rest of their lives.

A domestic battery conviction, without exception, carries with it probation with many tough conditions. Those conditions include fines, 26 weekly batterers intervention program, which costs between $25 and $40 a week, a prohibition against owning firearms, and an inability to have a concealed weapons permit. If convicted, a defendant's record for the domestic battery cannot be sealed.

Contact our Jacksonville Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

If you or someone you know has been charged with domestic violence, please contact our Jacksonville Domestic Violence Attorneys so that we can help resolve the case.

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