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Helping You Minimize the Financial Impact of Alimony

Your ex-spouse is entitled to continue the lifestyle he or she enjoyed while married. However, that does not mean you should go broke by paying excessive and unnecessary alimony. At Arnold Law Firm in Jacksonville, Florida, we advocate for clients in contentious divorce-related cases that involve spousal support.

Alimony should be a means to an end, not a means to cause you financial strife. For swift, thorough and responsible representation in a case that involves alimony, contact us at 904-638-9226.

We Can Help Save You Money in Alimony Payments

Do not minimize the need for an experienced attorney at your side when alimony is calculated. Florida divorce law has many procedures and guidelines. However, that does not always prevent one ex-spouse being paid an amount of alimony that he or she is not entitled to. A spouse may be employed part-time when full-time opportunities are available. They may have promised to return to school or look for a new job, but they have not lived up to that vow.

We Can Help if You Are Already Paying Too Much in Alimony

At the Arnold Law Firm, we recognize the financial impact on our clients when they are paying too much in spousal maintenance. A lesser experienced attorney's mishandling of their case may have resulted in an adverse ruling. While it is hard to change the court's mind, we will try to revisit the matter and bring the facts to light.

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