Weapons Charges

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Even a brief look at the potential criminal penalties you are facing for weapons charges in Florida and nationally should cause you to search high and low for the most effective defense representation.

The severe penalties we are referring to include the state's 10-year, 20-year and life prison sentences, and the five-year prison sentence for your first offense and 25-year sentence for subsequent offenses at the federal Chapter 924 level.

If you are being investigated for a serious gun charge offense related to handguns, assault weapons, tasers, knives or armed burglary, contact our experienced weapons defense attorney at Arnold Law Firm in Jacksonville immediately.

We have a former prosecutor and public defender on staff who know how to cast a range of doubt on the case against you with swift, thorough and responsive representation.

Swift, Thorough and Responsive Weapons Charges Defense

We know weapons laws. We also understand the vast difference between an acquittal and a prison sentence for conviction on weapons-related criminal charges such as:


If you have been charged with an act that threatens, attempts to threaten or causes physical harm that includes the use of a weapon in the commission of those acts, you are going to want the most conscientious, creative defense team available in the Greater Jacksonville area. Contact our law offices immediately if we can be of service.

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Gun charges are serious business. Only serious legal representation of your rights by an experienced defense attorney will do. You can trust our experienced, aggressive attorneys at Arnold Law Firm in Jacksonville to provide swift, thorough and responsive counsel throughout your journey into the legal system.

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