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Probation Violations

Jacksonville Probation Violation Attorney

If you have been deemed to be in violation of your probation it is critical that you quickly retain superior legal counsel. Our experienced Jacksonville, Florida based criminal defense lawyers defend probation violations in state and federal courts in Florida and Georgia. In federal court, probation violations on felonies usually result in maximum sentences of three to five years and potential reinstatement of probation after a jail sentence. In state court, probationers can be sentenced to any lawful sentence up to the maximum the defendant could originally have received. For example, a person who violates probation on his or her first DUI, the defendant could be sentenced to six months in jail. Likewise, someone who commits a burglary to a dwelling could be sentenced to 15 years in prison for a violation of probation.

Probation violation proceedings differ from other criminal proceedings in two important ways. First, there is no right to a trial by jury. This means that a judge will be the trier of fact. Secondly, the State need only prove conduct which shocks the conscious of the court and only by a preponderance of evidence. This is a very low standard which the State is usually able to meet if a vigorous defense is not mounted.

Illustrative Cases: Below are just a few of the numerous clients we have been able to help on probation violations:

A client who was on sex offender probation was arrested three separate times for new law violations. In each instance we were able to get the State to drop the new charge because the charges could not be proven.

For a client on DUI probation, we were able to resolve the new arrest and terminate the client's probation before probation became aware of the new arrest in order to violate the client's probation.

Numerous clients who were violated for failure to pay restitution on probation on various grand theft, petit theft, and burglary charges had their probations reinstated or terminated with civil judgments entered rather than client facing jail time. In one instance, we were able to get the court to revoke its previous finding that the client owed more than $15,000 in restitution and the probation was terminated with the client making no additional payments.


You can trust our skills and familiarity with every facet of probation violation matters. Contact us in Jacksonville immediately if there is a warrant out there with your name on it.

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