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Pre-Arrest Investigation

Talk to Us First if You Are Being Investigated for a Crime

Are you under investigation for a crime? Has a representative from the police department, FBI or state attorney's office contacted you? Do not talk to anyone in law enforcement before you talk to an attorney at Arnold Law Firm in Jacksonville, Florida.

You have rights, including the right to remain silent. Do not let law enforcement or an employer coerce you into giving vital information for a pre-arrest investigation. For swift, thorough and responsible representation, contact us today.

Providing the Police and FBI Investigation Defense You Need

Do not speak to the authorities who are investigating you. More importantly, do not wait until an arrest happens before you secure legal representation. At Arnold Law Firm, we bring backgrounds as prosecutors and public defenders to benefit our clients. That unique insight can help you when you need a police and FBI investigation defense.

We Are Your Only Ally

Law enforcement personnel investigating you for drug possession or sexual assault are not your friends. An employer accusing you of money laundering or any other white collar crime is anything but an ally. Do not put your trust in them. You are under no obligation to "clear something up."

Thinking that possible charges will be dropped if you cooperate is a foolish decision that could compromise your criminal defense. Put your trust in us to provide an aggressive police and FBI investigation defense.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer who can provide you with a diligent FBI investigation defense, please contact us.

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