Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud laws are violated by a voluntary and intentional misrepresentation of relevant and material information on a loan application or other statements in the closing procedure of a home or business. In 2009, the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act of 2009 ("FERA") was passed. Prosecutors allege in these cases that a defendant may have knowingly or unknowingly assisted in perpetrating mortgage fraud in either the prime or subprime markets during the recent real estate bubble or its fall out. Charges can include bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud.

Now, there have been two notable changes that allow Federal Law Enforcement to go after mortgage fraud:

Mortgage fraud may have a bank or lender as the victim in some instances, while in othe rs the owner of a home may be the victim. The type of activities that are targeted by federal investigators in mortgage fraud cases can include:

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