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Florida Felony Criminal Defense Attorneys

Florida Felony Criminal Defense Attorneys

Felonies are criminal matters in Florida or in the Federal system that have a term of incarceration possible for more than one year. There are generally four degrees of felonies in Florida state court: Life felonies, and felonies of First, Second, and Third degrees. First degree murder is the only offense in Florida which can result in the death penalty. The federal system has an even wider variety of potential felony offenses. In both State and Federal Courts, the three most common types of felonies are crimes of drugs, theft, or violence.

Congress and the Florida legislature have set forth a set of sentencing guidelines. If charged in either federal or state court, felonies often carry guidelines which call for mandatory incarceration.

There are felonies for which first time offenders can receive a disposition which would not result in an adjudication of guilt. Once a person becomes a convicted of a felony, it is permanently on their record unless pardoned by the Governor or the President. A felony conviction results in the loss of many constitutional rights, including the right to vote, bear arms, serve in the military, and greatly limits the number and types of jobs that you may be able to hold in the future.

Needless to say, anyone charged with a felony is at a serious risk of losing important freedoms, long incarceration, and potentially heavy fines. The State, Federal Government, and law enforcement usually direct the most resources and their best personnel to prosecute felonies. It is therefore imperative that you have experienced, strong legal criminal defense attorneys representing you in these matters.

Why hire a Private Attorney?

Everyone charged with a felony has the right to an attorney, if they cannot afford one. The Legislature and Congress have set forth guidelines regarding the financial ability to hire an attorney. The great majority of persons charged with a felony qualify for the public defender and there are many fine public defenders. However, the State and Federal systems have enormous caseloads which often prevents public defenders from doing any work on your case prior to the State Attorney's office or the U.S. Attorney's Office have investigated your case and made their decision about whether to institute a criminal prosecution of you.

In all felony cases, the State has 21 days to make a filing decision before important rights begin to attach the a defendant which make the State's case more burdensome to prosecute. Federal prosecutions usually begin with an indictment. However, if not, the Federal Government has only ten days before they must convene a Grand Jury. Once a decision to prosecute a case is made, it is often much harder to convince a prosecutor to drop a case than it is prior to the filing of a charge.

At Arnold Law Firm we limit the number of criminal cases that we take on so that we have the time and ability to fully investigate each of our client's cases. Our attorneys will investigate your case on your behalf to determine the ability to defend the case and advise you about potential outcomes so that our clients can make intelligent choices about the disposition of the case. Also, an early investigation into a case often leads to the ability to locate helpful witnesses to clients. The earlier the State learns of evidence which may help prove a client not guilty, the greater the likelihood that a client will end up with a better disposition.

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