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Jacksonville Federal and State Embezzlement Defense Lawyers

Embezzlement is the term used for theft, generally from a business by an employee, director, shareholder, or person who was entrusted with the care of assets or monies of a business or person. The most common example is a partner or shareholder in a business or corporation who steals money and takes steps to cover up the theft through fake receipts, invoices, vendors, or other types of schemes. In Jacksonville, the federal government generally regards these types of thefts as civil matters. However, when the federal government does decide to prosecute for embezzlement, complex litigation over the guilt of the defendant is sure to follow. For example, theft from the federal government or state government often is prosecuted in federal court in lieu of state charges.

However, accusations of embezzlement are often unfounded. At Arnold Law Firm, our attorneys have important and lengthy experience in embezzlement and other kinds of White Collar Crimes. Shawn Arnold, a Florida Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, was in the special prosecution division of the State Attorney's Office prosecuting complex embezzlement cases. Since entering private practice in 2005, Mr. Arnold has defended individuals in often protracted and lengthy litigation over thefts in Florida, Georgia, and Federal Courts.

Mr. Arnold and his colleagues are experienced federal criminal law attorneys who can provide counsel in complex theft cases and have successfully prosecuted and defended these cases in federal and state court. Arnold Law Firm accepts referrals for embezzlement in state and federal courts in Florida and Georgia and are available to co-counsel cases nationwide. Put their experience to work for you. Contact our Jacksonville, Florida, and Brunswick, Georgia, based criminal defense lawyers today for a free consultation!

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