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DUI charges are some of the most common criminal defense cases on the docket of criminal courts across this state. Often times, an individual facing a charge of driving while under the influence will feel there is no hope or the case is too difficult to defend. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. In reality, DUI charges are highly technical crimes and require many steps to be completed correctly by the arresting officers. Additionally, proving in court that an individual was driving under the influence to the extent that their "normal faculties" were impaired is more burdensome than one might think. A skilled and experienced criminal defense DUI attorney can help spot those problem areas with the State's case and look for ways to challenge the State's evidence in court. Make sure you are aware of the 10-day rule to challenge your DUI administratively.

Typically, when preparing a defense to your DUI charge, the legal team at Arnold Law Firm will concentrate on four distinct areas. They are: the initial stop of your vehicle; the DUI investigation by the officer; the breathalyzer test and results; and any statements you may have made. Again, the laws of the State of Florida, the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, and the Operational Guidelines of the local Sheriff's Office all require the arresting officers and State Attorneys to adhere to precise procedures and rules. When these are not followed, the State's case against you may be deficient.

Florida DUI cases are extremely complex and can involve a variety of penalties, including administrative suspension and criminal suspension. Because of this, there are many areas that need to be properly examined before making the decision to enter a plea. Our attorneys at Arnold Law Firm have handled thousands of DUI cases in Duval County and beyond, and we know how to spot these trouble areas. We also have the trial court experience necessary to litigate these issues properly in front of a judge or jury. If you have been charged with a DUI in Jacksonville, Orange Park, St. Augustine or another Florida locale and are looking for ways to defend your case, please contact our office and speak to one of our attorneys. A simple phone call could be the difference in your case.

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